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Israeli Opinion Poll (October 2013) - The Peace Index Empty Israeli Opinion Poll (October 2013) - The Peace Index

Post by Zoya on Thu Nov 07, 2013 3:04 am

The Peace Index – October 2013

1. What is your position on holding peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority?
General PublicJewsArabs
1.   Strongly in favor32.225.167.3
2.   Somewhat in favor33.035.221.8
3.   Somewhat opposed17.319.18.2
4.   Strongly opposed13.716.11.7
5.   Don’t know / Refuse3.84.41.0
2. Do you believe or not believe that negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority will lead to peace between Israel and the Palestinians in the coming years?
General PublicJewsArabs
1.   Strongly believe6.75.015.4
2.   Somewhat believe22.820.434.9
3.   Somewhat don’t believe24.825.520.8
4.   Don’t believe at all43.747.624.6
5.   Don’t know / Refuse2.01.54.3
3. How would you characterize the level of security-military risk t o Israel at present?
General PublicJewsArabs
1.  Very high18.819.51 5.0
2.  Moderately high43.047.02 3.0
3.  Moderately low22.925.11 2.0
4.  Low11.65.84 0.6
5.  Don’t know/ Refuse3.72.59. 4
4. In your opinion, is the IDF at present capable or not capable of coping with the security threats and challenges facing Israel?
 General PublicJewsArabs
1.  I’m sure it’s capable50.951.349.0
2.  I think it’s capable35.537.625.3
3.  I think it’s not capable4.74.46.2
4.  I’m sure it’s not capable4.43.210.6
5.  Don’t know/ Refuse4.53.69.0
5. When you think of all the security-military challenges facing the state of Israel today compared to the socioeconomic challenges facing it, which of the two kinds of challenges now seem to you more threatening to Israel’s future?
 General PublicJewsArabs
1.  The military-security challenges27.528.423.0
2.  The socioeconomic challenges56.757.652.3
3.  Both to the same extent13.212.019.1
4.  Don’t know/ Refuse2.51.95.6
6. For many years the IDF was commonly regarded as the “army of the people.” In your opinion, to what extent is this description appropriate or i nappropriate to the IDF today?
1.  I’m sure it’s appropriate33.5
2.  I think it’s appropriate36.3
3.  I think it’s inappropriate16.0
4.  I’m sure it’s inappropriate9.4
5.  Don’t know/ Refuse4.8
7.In your opinion, to what extent is the IDF’s system for assigning recruits to different roles equitable and fair?
1.  Very equitable and fair14.0
2.  Moderately equitable and fair38.3
3.  Not so equitable and fair25.5
4.  Not at all equitable and fair8.4
5.  Don’t know/ Refuse13.8
8. Which do you support more, canceling compulsory service in the IDF and changing it to an army of professionals who want to serve as a career and receive a fitting salary, or continued compulsory service for everyone in the IDF?
1. I support canceling compulsory service and changing the IDF to an army of professionals more21.1
2. I support continued compulsory service for everyone in the IDF more75.8
3. Don’t know/ Refuse3.1
9. Do you support or oppose the idea of allowing Israeli citizens at age 18, if they want, to forgo military service for full-term civilian service, for example: in community service, hospital work, or helping disadvantaged popullations?
General PublicJewsArabs
1. Strongly support34.329.856.3
2. Moderately support24.727.212.4
3. Moderately oppose15.818.23.8
4. Strongly oppose20.520.818.9
5. Don’t know/ Refuse4.84.08.6
10. Do you support or oppose giving those who have completed a f ull term of civilian service all the same rights as those who have served in the IDF?
General PublicJewsArabs
1.  Strongly support42.840.852.7
2.  Moderately support24.825.719.9
3.  Moderately oppose12.714.53.6
4.  Strongly oppose16.117.011.3
5.  Don’t know/ Refuse3.71.912.4
11. Have you served or are you serving in the IDF?
1.  Yes (I have served or am serving)62.3
2.   No37.7
12. It was recently disclosed that the U.S. intelligence services listened in on the telephone conversations of leaders of friendly countries such as Germany and France, and of citizens of such countries. On the one hand, the listening apparently helped in gathering important information; on the other, it seriously damaged trust between the United States and these countries. What, in your opinion, is more important:
General PublicJewsArabs
1.  Gathering important intelligence information41.045.618.1
2.  Maintaining friendly countries’ trust in the United States48.643.872.1
3.  Don’t know/ Refuse10.510.69.8
13. In your assessment, do the American intelligence services also listen in on conversations of leaders and citizens of Israel?
General PublicJewsArabs
1.  I’m sure they do56.258.445.2
2.  I think they do29.331.916.6
3.  I think they don’t4.53.78.6
4.  I’m sure they don’t2.11.36.1
5.  Don’t know/ Refuse8.04.823.5
14. In your opinion, do the Israeli intelligence services also listen i n on leaders and citizens of friendly countries?
General PublicJewsArabs
1.  I’m sure they don’t8.19.03.5
2.  I think they don’t9.710.46.6
3.  I think they do34.636.425.5
4.  I’m sure they do8.836.948.4
5.  Don’t know/ Refuse8.87.316.0
15. If it were known that Israel’s intelligence services indeed listen in on leaders and citizens of friendly countries, what would be your position on that?
General PublicJewsArabs
1.  Strongly support25.528.112.8
2.  Moderately support32.437.28.8
3.  Moderately oppose17.920.17.0
4.  Strongly oppose15.26.657.6
5.  Don’t know/ Refuse9.18.113.8
16. Did you vote in the local-authority elections last week?
General PublicJewsArabs
1.  Yes76.675.681.7
2.   No23.424.41 8.3
Those who did not vote were asked:
17. What is the main reason you did not vote?
General PublicJewsArabs
1.  The local elections don’t seem especially important to me10.08.420.8
2.  The local authorities are tainted by corruption7.47.75.7
3.  In general I have no trust in governmental institutions and their leaders9.310.05.1
4.  Other73.273.968.4

Source: Peace Index Poll

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