Gazan public opinion poll - August 14-19, 2014

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Are you surprised that only 2.4% of Gazans oppose rocket attacks on Israeli population, in spite of high death toll and destruction?

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Gazan public opinion poll - August 14-19, 2014

Post by Zoya on Fri Aug 29, 2014 12:09 am

The latest poll conducted by the Palestinian Center for Public Opinion (, during the period from August 14-19, 2014 covered a random sample of (1000) Palestinian respondents representing the various demographic specimens of adult Palestinians (18 years and above) living in Gaza Strip.

Deployment of UN-forces:
Only (29.3 %) of the Palestinians in Gaza Strip support the deployment of UN-multi-national forces the way they are acting in South Lebanon, whilst (61.2 %) oppose their deployment and (9.5 %) declined to respond to the relevant question.

Firing rockets at Israel:
Responding to the question:”Would you please tell us your opinion about the issue of firing rockets at Israel ?”, (60.3 %) said “I strongly support that”, (28.6 %) “I support that”, (7.0 %) were undecided, (1.4 %) said “I oppose that”, (1.0 %) “I strongly oppose that” and (1.7 %) said “I don’t know”.

Deterrence of the Palestinian Resistance:
(75.4 %) of the respondents believe that the deterrence of the Palestinian resistance during the Israeli military operation “the Protective edge” has increased, whilst (12.8 %) think that it has decreased, (8.1 %) believe that it remained unchanged and (3.7 %) declined to answer the relevant question.

Retaliation for the Israeli Aggression:
With regard to the question:”What was, according to your opinion, the most successful act of the Palestinian Resistance in retaliation for the recent Israeli aggression ?”, (15.9 %) said “firing rockets at Israel”, (23.3 %) “infiltrating through the enemy lines”, (29.0 %) “the specific military operations (such as: the naval commandos, Nahal Oz), (19.8 %) “the underground border-crossing tunnels” and (12.0 %) “the coordination between the different factions”.

Performance of the PA-President Mahmoud Abbas:
Responding to the question:”Are you satisfied, or not, with the performance of the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas during the Israeli military operation “the Protective Edge” against Gaza Strip?”, (54.0 %) said “Yes”, (38.6 %) said “No”, and (7.4 %) said “I don’t know”.
Stances of the UN Secretary-General:
Regarding the question:”How would you rate the stances of the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon towards the Palestinian people in Gaza during the Israeli military operation “Protective Edge” ?, (64.7 %) said “negative”, (17.1 %) “positive”, (13.5 %) “balanced towards both sides” and (4.7 %) said “I don’t know”.

The best Palestinians supporting country:
Responding to the question:”Which country, in your opinion, best backed the Palestinian Resistance against the recent Israeli aggression on Gaza ?”, the answer came as follows:  
Egypt (32.5 %), Jordan (3.5 %), Qatar (23.5 %), Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (2.7 %),
Turkey (25.3 %), Iran (8.1 %), USA (0.1 %), UK (0.5 %), France (1.5 %), Russia (1.5 %), UAE (0.1 %) and Germany (0.7 %).

The EU-Monitoring Staff:
(37.7 %) of the respondents were in favor of the Palestinian Authority security forces taking-over the control of Rafah border-crossing on the Palestinian side and an Israeli-Egyptian control of the border-crossing under an EU-monitoring regulation, whilst (56.6 %) opposed that and (5.7 %) were reluctant to answer the question.

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC):
In respect of the question:”How would you evaluate the ICRC performance during the military operation “the Protective Edge” ?, (58.1 %) said “good”, (23.1 %) “fair” (18.0 %) “bad” and (0.8 %) said “I don’t know”.    

The United Nations Relief and Work Agency (UNRWA)
Responding to the similar question:” ”How would you evaluate the UNRWA performance during the military operation “the Protective Edge” ?, (71.2 %) said “good”, (21.8 %) “fair”, (6.8 %) “bad” and (0.2 %) said “I don’t know”.

Source: Palestinian Center for Public Opinion

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