Palestinian Opinion Poll - July 12, 2010

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Palestinian Opinion Poll - July 12, 2010 Empty Palestinian Opinion Poll - July 12, 2010

Post by Zoya on Sun Jul 18, 2010 11:36 pm

01) The Palestinian government with Salam Fayyad as its Prime Minister has declared the postponement of the municipal council elections until further notice. Are you with or against the postponement decision?

Response Percentage
1. With the postponement decision 46.8
2. Against the postponement decision 41.2
3. Don’t know12

02) What do you think is the main reason that induced the Palestinian Prime Minister, Mr. Salam Fayyad, to postpone the date of the local municipal elections?

Response Percentage
1. Giving more chance to the efforts working on lifting the Gaza blockade and the reunion of both country territories. 39.6
2. Differences inside Fateh about candidacy procedures and candidate lists. 37.6
3. Responding to Hamas demands 3.3
4. A new precedent, not respecting the multiplicity and a blow to the democratic process 3.2
5. Israel is not willing to have the elections at present. 10.2
6. The United States and Europe are not encouraging to run these elections at present. 6.0

03) In general, to which extent are you content with the mechanism applied for setting up the candidates’ lists during the preparation period for the municipal councils’ elections, which are postponed until further notice?

Response Percentage
1.Content 19.9
2. Somewhat content 43.3
3. Discontent 24.5
4. Don’t know 12.4

04) Having experienced now the process of setting up the candidate’s lists for the municipal council elections, do you think that the proportional representation (list system) is better than the system applied in 2006 (voting for individual candidates and winning by majority of the votes) or vice versa?

Response Percentage
1. The proportional representation (the new system) is better 44.9
2. The system applied in 2005 (voting for individual candidates) is better 41.9
3. Don’t know 13.2

05) Who, you believe, is mostly benefiting from the flotillas sent to break the Gaza blockade?

Response Percentage
1. The Gazans 65.2
2. Hamas and its leadership 25.7
3. Israel 1.4
4. Fateh 1.4
5. International Islamic movements 6.3

06) How would you rate the meeting of the PA President Abu Mazin with the US-President Barack Obama?

Response Percentage
1. Very positive 6.2
2. Somewhat positive 38
3. Somewhat negative 28.9
4. Very negative 17.2
5. Don’t know 9.6

07) Do you think the present US-administration under the President Barack Obama would back the plan of recognizing a Palestinian state within the next two years irrespective of its approval or disapproval by Israel?

Response Percentage
1. Yes 13.3
2. No 76.5
3. Don’t know 10.2

08) Do you think, in general, the United States of America strongly support, somewhat support, somewhat doesn’t support, or doesn’t support at all Israel?

Response Percentage
1. Strongly support Israel 73.6
2. Somewhat support Israel 19.5
3. Somewhat doesn’t support Israel 2.4
4. Doesn’t support Israel at all 2.6
5. Don’t know 1.9

09) What are your anticipations of the success chances of the indirect Israeli-Palestinian negotiations? Will they succeed or fail in reaching an agreement of permanent peace?

Response Percentage
1. Certainly, they will succeed 1.5
2. They will succeed 36.6
3. They will fail 41.1
4. They will surely fail 11.4
5. No opinion / Don’t know 9.4

10) Do you expect the realization of a peace agreement between the Palestinians and the Israelis next year?

Response Percentage
1.Yes 4.4
2. Likely 47.2
3. No 45.8
4. Don’t know 2.5

11) Do you think the Israelis are concerned about making peace with the Palestinians?

Response Percentage
1. Yes 10.9
2. To some extent 32.3
3. No 53.3
4. Don’t know 3.6

12) Assuming the negotiations between the Palestinians and the Israelis would fail, do you expect the outbreak of a third Intifada?

Response Percentage
1. Yes 31.9
2. No 50.7
3. Don’t know 17.3

13) Are you more optimistic or pessimistic than in the past regarding the possibility of reaching a final solution accord between Israel and the Palestinians?

Response Percentage
1. More optimistic than in the past 8.4
2. Same extent of optimism as in the past 35.2
3. Same extent of pessimism as in the past 30.3
4. More pessimistic than in the past 20.9
5. Don’t know / No attitude 5.2

14) Do you think that the Palestinians must renounce their right of home return, which Israel will never accept, in exchange for having an independent Palestinian state and the conclusion of a peace deal with Israel?

Response Percentage
1. Yes, the Palestinians must do that 14.0
2. No, they shouldn’t do that even if the price would be the non- conclusion of a peace deal with Israel 81.7
3. I have no opinion 4.3

15) If the Palestinian leadership would waive the right of home return in exchange for a financial compensation, would you accept or refuse that?

Response Percentage
1. I would accept that 13.1
2. I would refuse that 81.8
3. Don’t know 5.1

16) Some people have confidence in Hamas political leadership, others in Fateh political leadership, whilst others have no confidence in both leaderships. Which of the following statements is closer to your opinion?

Response Percentage
1. I have confidence in Hamas leadership 33.7
2. I have confidence in Fateh leadership 46.0
3. I have no confidence in both leaderships 16.5
4. I don’t know 3.8

17) The internal fighting in Gaza led to the split of Gaza Strip from the West Bank and the creation of two separate governments, one in Gaza and the other in the West Bank. What is – in your opinion – the most feasible solution for the settlement of this problem?

Response Percentage
1. To return to the government of national unity 35.4
2. To endorse the Egyptian Reconciliation Document 36.1
3. To hold premature elections 26.6
4. To call for UN forces to take responsibility for Gaza Strip 1.9

18) Do you support or oppose the intention of the PA President, Mr. Mahmoud Abbas, to pay a visit to Gaza Strip in the near future?

Response Percentage
1. Strongly support 25.6
2. Support 43.7
3. Undecided 14.2
4. Oppose 7.4
5. Strongly oppose 6.9
6. Don’t know 2.2

19) Do you watch daily the World Cup Football Competition on TV?

Response Percentage
1. Yes (Proceed to Q 21) 43.2
2. No 56.8

20) Which of the following football teams do you expect to win the FIFA World Cup?
(Pre-coded, open answer)

Response Percentage
1. France 5.2
2. Algeria 7.3
3. Holland 1.3
4. Ghana 1.5
5. Germany 7.8
6. Great Britain 3.7
7. Italy 9.1
8. Portugal 3.7
9. Spain 4.8
10. Brazil 34.3
11. Argentina 14.5
12. Other 6.8

Methodology of the Survey Study:

Mr. Elias Kukali, a staff member of the Research and Studies’ Section at the PCPO, said that all interviews of this survey were conducted inside the respondents’ homes, i.e. face-to-face during different working hours, at least five hours a’ day, including the evening time, in order to ensure proper presentation of those sub-groups of the population, which would otherwise be difficult to reach and selecting one individual in each household using the Last Birthday Method. The choices were taken from a total of (156) election sites, from which (117) are located in the West Bank and (39) sites in Gaza Strip.

Mr. E. Kukali has further established that the margin of error in this poll was (+- 3.09 %) at a confidence level of (95 %). He added that the rate of the female respondents in this survey was (49.4 %) and that of the male respondents was (50.6%) . The distribution of the random sample between the Palestinian two major regions was (64.4 %) in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and (35.6 %) in Gaza Strip, allocated as follows: (52.7 %) urban areas, (31.1 %) rural areas and (16.2 %) refugee camps. The average age of the sample respondents was 34.8 years.

Source: Palestinian Center for Public Opinion

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